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National Adoption Month logo: Take it, share it, use it.

This month we've been working with a rock star designer to create a logo for National Adoption Month. This is one of my favorite things about The Better Together Project -- we get to bring together amazing people who do amazing work. Here are two good things to know about this:

1. These logos are free and yours to use to promote National Adoption Month. So download, post, and share away.

When we went out searching for logos and resources to promote National Adoption Month (NAM), we discovered a barren landscape of options. Since no organization officially "owns" NAM, no one is in charge of creating materials to support it. So we decided to fill the gap, and create a logo. (Necessity is the adoptive-mother of invention, right?). We wanted a simple yet impactful logo to use across social media, as we spread the word about NAM. We know others wanted this too, so we're making the logos part of the public domain -- broadly available to anyone who wants them.

So, use them! Upload them as your profile or cover photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Share them with friends and colleagues. Post them anywhere you're online, and spread awareness about National Adoption Month.

2. Free stuff is good. Good stuff is better. Good people are the best.

I've worked with a lot of designers and artists in my career, and the designer we chose for this project leads the pack. Jason Pearson is a rare triple-threat: An immensely creative artist, fantastically easy to work with, and committed to making the world a better place.

Case in point: I contacted him a few days ago, after having not worked with him in years, and the gist of my message was this: "Hey Jason, remember when we worked together seven years ago? Yeah, that was great, huh? Would you be interested in collaborating again, on an adoption-related project? It's due in five days. Oh, and it doesn't pay anything."

Most rational folks would have either politely declined, or laughed and deleted my message. Not Jason. His response: "I'm on it."

He got to work developing concepts, and a short time later, we've got these amazing logos. And he's sharing them freely with the world, on behalf of kids who need families. Powerful commitment, that one.

You might know Jason from his work with Blender Magazine, Nike, Disney, Apple, OnlineGiving, or an impressive variety of film, music, publishing and non-profit clients. Don't know him yet? Find him at

3. Bonus: swag.

Ok, we said two, but there's one more good thing to know. Being the exceed-all-expectations guy that Jason is, he surprised us with a whole bevvy of cool National Adoption Month merchandise. T-shirts, water bottles, journals, stickers, mouse pads, messenger bags -- it's all there. Check out CafePress to order this good stuff*, and keep spreading awareness about NAM all year round.

So let's do it! Let's get the message out about National Adoption Month. Join the team. Spread the word. Post and share the logos. Put your baby in that adorable onesie. More voices mean more awareness, which means more kids in families. Why? Because we're better together.

*Although CafePress allows pricing mark-ups for fundraising purposes, we've chosen not to mark-up the prices. So what you see on the site are the CafePress base prices, and all proceeds go directly to CafePress.

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