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We're Better Together.

Introducing The Better Together Project! After six years of working, researching, learning, supporting and advocating on behalf of kids who live without families, we're excited to bring it all together under the umbrella of Better Together.

Our vision is bold and resolute -- we want to live in a world where every child has the security, support and permanence of a forever family -- so the more we can unify efforts toward this purpose, the better equipped we'll be to achieve this goal.

Why Better Together? Two reasons: First and foremost, we know children are better in families -- they are not equipped or intended to go through life alone. Our existence serves this purpose, and it drives all that we do. Second, we believe we're all better -- more effective, more impactful, more fulfilled -- when we work together. So we partner with and shine a light on all the excellent people and organizations around the world working toward this purpose. Together we can turn the world on its ear, and solve the complex challenges ahead of us.

The Better Together Project is a social enterprise, which means we combine the best of the for-profit and non-profit sectors. In other words, our commitment is to solve some of society's greatest challenges, and to do so in a self-sustaining, strategic and metrics-driven manner. We bring together the best minds and hearts of leaders in both the business world and the philanthropic world -- why? Because we're better together.

We recognize the complexity of the global crisis of children living without families, and we know there is not one simple solution. So we focus our efforts across multiple areas of influence. Upstream, we work to keep biological families intact, and we advocate for improved legislation and more effective systems to support vulnerable children. Midstream, we work to efficiently move children into forever families; we provide support in many forms to children living in foster care, institutional settings or on their own; we educate caregivers and professionals; and we raise community awareness about the issues and needs. Downstream, we focus on mentorship and educational programs for youths entering adulthood on their own; we provide support and education to adoptive and foster families; and we work to increase and improve ongoing services available to emancipated youths.

It's a Herculean task to address all these issues, and we can't do it alone. That's where you come in. There are several ways you can currently be involved, and there will be more coming as we continue to build out our model. Immediate opportunities include offering your time and talents to help us build Better Together -- whether you're a designer, writer, connector, or have another skill to share, there's a place for you on the team. And coming soon, you'll have the opportunity to register your own B2 Project, and become a partner in helping us solve the great challenges in front of us.

We are growing quickly, and will be announcing new projects, partners, stories and impacts as we grow. To stay apprised and updated on the path, sign up here, or follow us on Facebook. We look forward to great things ahead, and we're glad you're with us. We're better together!

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