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The Better Together Project is an initiative whose mission is to ensure that every child’s right to a forever family is fulfilled. Our community is made up of people like you, who understand the importance of family, and who work together to make sure every child has the stability, love and permanence of their own family.

We recognize the power of a collective effort, so we provide the opportunity for everyone to be part of the Better Together team. Large or small, one time or ongoing, there's a way for each of us to make a difference.

Better Together is new, but our efforts are not. Lots of folks have been working tirelessly for a long time toward our common mission, and we shine a spotlight on their good works. 


We believe that when parents, caregivers, teachers, professionals, and the community at large come together, we can all create a better future for children who are living without a family of their own.  Because we're all Better Together.


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