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PROJECT 1:  Film Series


In partnership with a children's home in Ecuador, this Better Together project draws attention to the challenges -- and the beauty -- of children living outside of family care.

PROJECT 2:  Teacher Education


Many teachers are unaware of the unique needs of kids who were adopted or in foster care.  We're working with schools to educate our educators about how they can better serve our special kids.

PROJECT 3:  Trauma Training


Children who experience trauma may have life-long impacts.  The research around this is very new and just becoming more understood, so we're developing training programs to share the latest research with caregivers and professionals.

PROJECT 4:  Mentor Program

Becoming an adoptive or foster parent can feel daunting.  Our Mentor Program matches prospective parents with experienced adoptive/foster parents, who provide support along the journey.

PROJECT 5:  National Adoption Month


Each November we join with others around the world to bring awareness of and support for children who are waiting for their forever families.  This month we're working with a leading designer to create brand resources that can be used by all advocates across a variety of social media platforms.

PROJECT 6:  CHIFF Legislation

We recognize the need for systemic change in our legal processes in order to reduce the time that children wait for families.  We work with a coalition of supporting agencies and organizations to lobby our Congressional leaders toward supporting the CHIFF bill.

Got a project you think would make an impact? 

Interested in being part of our project team?  


We work across a variety of platforms, with a diverse team of partners, to bring positive & sustainable change for children who wait for families.  Here are a few of our current projects.

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