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For His Children (FHC), located in Quito, Ecuador, exists as a Christ-centered ministry to homeless children, providing care in a loving and supportive environment, striving to unite them with their biological or adoptive family, and advocating on their behalf to others.  Better Together is working with FHC to produce a series of short films about the challenges -- and beauty -- of children living outside of family care.  

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The Center for Adoption Support & Education (C.A.S.E.) is the national leader in adoption-competent support with foster and adopted children and adults, their families and the network of professionals who assist them.  Better Together is utilizing CASE's Wise Up! and Safe At School training materials to educate about adoption & foster care in schools.  Learn more...

Building Forever Families (BFF), a ministry in Arlington, VA, focuses on needs related to adoption, foster care and children who have been orphaned.  The ministry serves and advocates for children living without families; provides peer support and advocates for current and prospective adoptive & foster families; and educates the community about these important topics.  Better Together is working with BFF to offer a Mentor Program to prospective adoptive & foster parents, and to advocate for better child-centric legislation on Capitol Hill. 

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The Team

For His Children


Building Forever Families

We're a team of passionate and committed individuals, agencies, organizations, families and professionals who know that children belong in families.  We work together to positively and permanently change our systems, policies, beliefs, and caregiving, so that all children are ensured their right to a forever family, and a healthy and happy life. 


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